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EDGE IASTM Tool Review

IASTM Edge Mobility Tool and It's Knock-Offs The EDGE Tool You've probably heard of the EDGE iastm tool designed by Erson Relig...


IASTM Certification Course 2021 -20% OFF

IASTM Certification Online Course There are a few Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM) certification online courses avai...


IASTM for Traps, Levator Scapulae, Rhomboids

Myofascial Technique on Neck with IASTM Stainless Steel Tool In this video John Gibbons demonstrates how to perform some soft tissue tech...


IASTM for Piriformis, TFL and Psoas

In this 7-minute video you'll learn the IASTM technique for piriformis muscle, tensor fascia latae and psoas. These are connected to ...


IASTM Instrument - Featured Product Oct-2019

This tool features anti slippery surface and comes with a nice black pouch. It has a single beveled edge, neither too bulky nor too light. ...


Graston Technique Strokes

8 Basic IASTM Strokes in M1 Sweeping Instruments : all Scanning, edema Contact points of an iastm instrument move in one d...


Graston Instruments - Graston IASTM Tools

Graston Technique Instruments Graston IASTM Tools are six stainless steel instruments. Three of them (GT2, GT3, GT4) comprise a...

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