IASTM Instrument - Featured Product Oct-2019

This tool features anti slippery surface and comes with a nice black pouch. It has a single beveled edge, neither too bulky nor too light.

IASTM Stainless Tool Triangle Shape

iastm stainless steel toolsIt's very comfortable in the hands of therapist and gives better results comparing to other similar shape tools.

A lot of tools of such shape are just too blunt and doesn't work well, leave alone the absence of anti slippery grippy surface.

This iastm tool gives you the option of sharper edge for superficial work and then you just flip it and you've got the blunter edge to go deeper.


It's a perfect ALL AROUND instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization tool which can be put into your pocket and be your companion wherever you go.

There are cheaper tools on the market but they are hardly on a par with this one.

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