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Graston IASTM Tools are six stainless steel instruments. Three of them (GT2, GT3, GT4) comprise a basic 3-Piece Instrument Set (so-called Starter Set), while a full set consists of 6 pieces.

graston technique instruments

Graston Technique 6-Piece Instrument Set

All of them are used for specific strokes and body areas. Treatment edge may be single or double beveled, convex or concave. They serve for diagnostic purposes as well as
for treatment.


graston instrument gt1 handlebar
Evaluates and treats generalized restrictions. Scans and prepares the tissue for deeper treatment. It's good for larger muscle groups.
Single bevel. Convex treatment edge.
graston instrument gt1 handlebar
Strokes: sweep, fanning, swiveling, scooping.


graston instrument gt2
Deeper work, knobs may be used for deeper penetration in a specific, localized area.
One single, one double bevel edge.
graston instrument gt2 knee brushing - graston iastm tools
Strokes: sweeping, fanning, swiveling, scooping, framing, brushing


graston instrument gt3
Localizing restrictions and treatment to a small area. Allows more specific pressure application.
Single bevel, convex treatment curve.
graston instrument gt3
Strokes: brushing, J-stroke, strumming.


graston instrument gt4
Versatile instrument, used to scan and locate restrictions during an assessment. Generalized assessment of the region to detect soft tissue abnormalities.
Single bevel, convex, with smaller edge at each end.
graston instrument for plantar fascia
Strokes: sweeping, fanning.


graston instrument gt5
General scanning and treatment instrument. Originally designed for intercostal region.
Single bevel, concave treatment edge.
Strokes: sweeping, fanning, swiveling, scooping.


graston instrument gt6
Originally developed for treating carpal tunnel, used to release fascial restrictions in the hands and wrist area.
One single and one double bevel convex edge, with a treatment tip and a knob.
graston instrument gt6
Strokes: sweeping, scooping, brushing, J-stroke, strumming.

Graston Technique: Instruments and Strokes

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