EDGE IASTM Tool Review

IASTM Edge Mobility Tool and It's Knock-Offs

The EDGE Tool

You've probably heard of the EDGE iastm tool designed by Erson Religioso PT.

EDGE IASTM tool - Graston Tool Alternative
EDGE IASTM tool - Graston Tool Alternative

Erson is a physical therapist who wrote a foreword for the book An Introduction to Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, he has a YouTube channel, and writes his blog, and he is also a co-author of an IASTM online course.

Refer to this video if you are not familiar with the tool.


  • The EDGE for Тооl Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation - ✅ true
  • Can be used anywhere because of the shape. - ✅ true
  • Easy to hold handle - fits all hands! - ✔ maybe, partly. Probably, if you are a lady with smaller hands you'll find this tool a slightly big.
  • Smooth out the most restricted areas. - ✅ true because of the nature of IASTM
  • Sharper side for superficial work more dull side for deeper progressions. - ✅ true
  • Different EDGES for force progressions and body/bony contours. - ✅ true
It has a few great features like multifaceted edge, brushed matte finish, versatile shape, etc.
EDGE IASTM tool - two in one
EDGE IASTM tool - two in one

With all of these nice features, it should come as no surprise that a cheaper knock-off tools are available for sale on Amazon. And despite this marketplace is famous for its intolerance to property rights infringements, it's not that easy for an inventor to claim the rights if they are not properly protected. And even if they are, the 3-rd party manufacturer will come up out of nowhere with a slight modification just to prove the futility of your efforts.

Luckily, the original Edge Tool beats the knock-offs with it's unique features which other manufacturers failed to reproduce.

The EDGE tool vs Generic edge-like knock-off

Property Edge tool                knock-off
weight 200 grams 122 grams
ease of hold    ✅    ❌
multifaceted treatment edge    ✅    ❌
scanning strokes    ✅    ❌
brushed matte finish    ✅    ❌
suitable for professional use    ✅    ❌

Let's dive deeper into the details.

Weight of the tools

The weight of the IASTM instrument does much of the work.

A lighter tool requires more pressure and a stronger grip than you need when you use heavier instruments.

On the other hand, a good balance should be maintained not to turn the tool into the heavy device causing a therapist to feel as if he toils.

The weight of the original Edge tool is 200 grams and the knockoff which was compared to weighed just 122 grams.

Ease of Hold

The wider Edge Tool's holding area makes it possible to hold the tool firm and steady.
EDGE IASTM tool vs Knockoff
EDGE IASTM tool vs Knockoff

Edge IASTM tool vs Knockoff
Edge IASTM tool vs Knockoff

EDGE IASTM tool - firm stable grip
EDGE IASTM tool - firm stable grip

The corresponding imitation's zone is significantly narrower which doesn't allow to hold the tool firmly without over-straining hands' muscles. That is definitely not an option for a therapist who uses the instrument on a regular basis.

Multifaceted edges for versatile work

A sharper edge on one side for lighter scanning of tissue and an actual beveled edge on the other side for slightly deeper work.
Compare true EDGE iastm tool vs cheaper copy
Compare true EDGE iastm tool vs cheaper copy

You can obviously see which one's edge is professionally made.

Unstable Grip - EDGE tool imitation
Unstable Grip - EDGE tool imitation

The Edge tool gives the option of using a sharper edge (no pun intended) for superficial work or scanning, and then flipping it, and using the blunter edge to go deeper.
This works best for breaking down scar tissues locally, fully engages all proprioceptive mechanisms, assists in soft tissue repair, helps to loosen up tight muscles and provides relief to pain and discomfort.

The knockoffs don't have this design.

It has a brushed matte finish and this makes a difference when your hands are in oil.

EDGE IASTM tool - comfortable stable grip - double function
EDGE IASTM tool - comfortable stable grip - double function

Brushed Matte Finish

Used with emollient, IASTM tools are prone to become very slippery. A shiny surface of the stainless steel tools is only contributing to that. It's not easy to hold on to with oily fingers.

Those tools with built-in texture for grip win. Sanitation is crucial, though, so nothing that could trap bacteria, skin cells, etc. like a rubberized insert would work. It would have to be part of the metal.
The Edge Original Tool came to the rescue with its brushed matte finish to manage this problem.

Well, it's not the best anti-slippery option but still it works much better comparing to mirror polished stainless steel IASTM tools.

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